The Worlds Cause Lawyers Make
Structure and Agency in Legal Practice
Edited by Austin Sarat and Stuart Scheingold


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The Worlds Cause Lawyers Make


Introduction: The Dynamics of Cause Lawyering—Constraints and Opportunities, by Austin Sarat and Stuart Scheingold

Section I. Causes and the Lawyers Who Serve Them: How Do Causes Make Their Lawyers and Lawyers Make Their Causes?

1.      Corporate Responsibility and the South African Drug Wars: Outline of a New Frontier for Cause Lawyers, by Ronen Shamir

2.      A Political-Professional Commitment? French Workers' and Unions' Lawyers as Cause Lawyers, by Laurent Willemez

3.      Professional Identities and Political Commitment among Lawyers for Conservative Causes, by Ann Southworth

4.      Economic Libertarians, Property, and Institutions: Linking Activism, Ideas, and Identities among Property Rights Advocates, by Laura Hatcher

5.      From Cause Lawyering to Resistance: French Communist Lawyers in the Shadow of History (1929-1945), by Liora Israël

Section II. Making a Practice: Balancing Professionalism and Activism

6.      Supporting a Cause, Developing a Movement, and Consolidating a Practice: Cause Lawyers and Sexual Orientation Litigation in Vermont, by Scott Barclay and Anna-Maria Marshall

7.      Exploring the Sources of Cause and Career Correspondence among Cause Lawyers, by Lynn C. Jones

8.      Dilemmas of "Progressive" Lawyering: Empowerment and Hierarchy, by Corey S. Shdaimah

9.      Negotiating Cause Lawyering Potential in the Early Years of Corporate Practice, Douglas Thomson

Section III. Strategy and Social Capital

10.  Cause Lawyers and Judicial Community in Israel: Legal Change in a Diffuse, Normative Community, by Patricia J. Woods

11.  Transgressive Cause Lawyering in the Developing World: The Case of India, by Jayanth K. Krishnan

12.  Cause Lawyering for Collective Justice: A Case Study of the Amparo Colectivo in Argentine, by Stephen Meili

13.    Asylum Law Practice in the United Kingdom after the Human Rights Act, by Richard J. Maiman

14.  ATLA Shrugged: Why Personal Injury Lawyers Are Not Public Defenders of Their Own Causes, by Michael McCann and William Haltom

Afterword: In the End, or the Cause of Law, by Peter Fitzpatrick