Articulations: Studies in Race, Immigration, and Capitalism

Cedric de Leon, Pawan Dhingra, Series Editors

Marcela Maxfield, SUP Editor

Change is afoot in sociology and related fields. Motivated by mounting social inequality and the latest groundbreaking research, a new generation of scholars is pushing for a more synthetic and empirically rigorous approach to race, immigration, and capitalism. This book series seeks work at the intersection of these three fields. The series is a space to push forward a positive research agenda that articulates immigration, race, and capitalism together as overlapping systems that are experienced in people’s everyday lives. Such studies will allow us to offer more nuanced analyses on topics such as immigrant assimilation, the pervasiveness of white supremacy, and the governing economic structures that surround all forms of discrimination. With an emphasis on sociological and qualitative work, the series will also be interested in interdisciplinary work across the social sciences and humanities, with a range of methodological approaches.