Stanford Studies in Jewish Mysticism

Clémence Boulouque and Ariel Evan Mayse, Series Editors
Caroline McKusick, SUP Editor

Stanford Studies in Jewish Mysticism seeks to provide a prominent forum for pathbreaking academic scholarship that explores the multifaceted phenomena of Jewish mysticism spanning from late antiquity into the present from a variety of perspectives.

This new series is meant to serve as an intellectual meeting ground for scholars interested in the many worlds of Jewish mysticism. Stanford Studies in Jewish Mysticism welcomes innovative studies that draw upon textual, hermeneutical, historical, philosophical, sociological, anthropological, and cultural modes of analysis. The series also invites work that interrogates mysticism as a central category and thereby aims to apply new theoretical and methodological lenses; manuscripts that engage with broader issues and cut across disciplinary silos are particularly welcome. Further, the series will consider rigorous works of constructive theology that represent a sustained engagement with the writings and traditions of Jewish mysticism.