Studies in Asian Security

Amitav Acharya, David Leheny, series editors
Dan LoPreto, SUP editor

The Studies in Asian Security book series promotes analysis, understanding, and explanation of the dynamics of domestic, transnational, and international security challenges in Asia.

The titles in this series analyze contemporary security issues and problems—both within regimes and between state actors—to inform debates in the scholarly, defense, and policy communities, to provide new insights and perspectives, and identify new research and policy directions. Security is defined broadly to include the traditional political and military dimensions as well as the nontraditional dimensions that affect the survival and well being of political communities. Asia, too, is defined broadly, to include Northeast, Southeast, South, and Central Asia.

Wide-ranging in scope and method, the series is receptive to all paradigms, programs, and traditions, and to an extensive array of methodologies now employed in the social sciences.

Editorial Board: Alastair Iain Johnston, Randall Schweller

1 - 12 of 28 titles