Cover of Organizations, Policy, and the Natural Environment by Edited by Andrew J. Hoffman and Marc J. Ventresca
Organizations, Policy, and the Natural Environment
Institutional and Strategic Perspectives
Edited by Andrew J. Hoffman and Marc J. Ventresca


528 pages.
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This book brings together emerging perspectives from organization theory and management, environmental sociology, international regime studies, and the social studies of science and technology to provide a starting point for discipline-based studies of environmental policy and corporate environmental behavior. Reflecting the book’s theoretical and empirical focus, the audience is two-fold: organizational scholars working within the institutional tradition, and environmental scholars interested in management and policy. Together this mix forms a creative synthesis for both sets of readers, analyzing how environmental policy and organizational practices are shaped, spread and contested.

About the authors

Andrew J. Hoffman is Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Boston University School of Management. He is the author of From Heresy to Dogma (Stanford, 2001), and Competitive Environmental Strategy: A Guide to the Changing Business Landscape, and the editor of Global Climate Change: A Senior Level Dialogue. Marc J. Ventresca University Lecturer in Strategy and Organisation at the Saïd Business School, University of Oxford. He is the editor (with Michael Lounsbury) of Social Structure and Organization Revisited.

"Deftly employing the tools of institutionary theory, the authors in this edited collection link natural and organizational environments in a variety of new and challenging ways. Theoretically rich and analytically sophisticated, Organizations, Policy and the Natural Environment is a veritable treasure trove of useful approaches and strategies that should appeal to researchers and practitioners in organizational behavior, management studies, environmental sociology and public administration."

—John Hannigan, Professor of Sociology, University of Toronto and author of Environmental Sociology: A Social Constructionist Perspective

"Organizations, Policy, and the Natural Environment is a much welcomed and timely contribution to the growing body of literature on corporate environmentalism and environmental policy. Not only do the contributors to this volume clearly demonstrate the applicability of institutional theories of organization in analyzing environmental issues, they use environmental issues to extend theory in organizational sociology and strategy. Positioned at the intersection of environmental sociology, environmental policy studies and management, and organization theory, this book provides insights relevant and important for audiences in all these fields."

—Susse George, Department of Organization and Industrial Sociology, Copenhagen Business School

"Hoffman and Ventresca have gathered an impressive collection of research studies that examine how the natural environment/organization interface evolves through dynamic interactions between institutional field processes and organizational strategies and structures. The research collected in this volume provides unique insights into the complex forces driving organizational change in response to increasing emphasis on sustainable development. Organizations, Policy, and the Natural Environment is not only an important addition for scholars of organizations and the natural environment but also those in organizational theory."

—Sanjay Sharma, Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada

"This volume brings together imaginative work from environmental sociology and environmental management to illuminate the variety of factors shaping organizational responses to environmental crises. Organizations, Policy, and the Natural Environment provides valuable theorizing that combines careful empirical studies with analytic theory—a must read for corporate officials and environmental business researchers."

—Peter M. Haas, Professor of Political Science, University of Massachusetts at Amherst

"Hoffman and Ventresca have opened up a new and productive line of research for organizational scholars."

—Academy of Management Review