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Minority Business Success
Refocusing on the American Dream
Leonard Greenhalgh and James H. Lowry


192 pages.
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In Minority Business Success, authors Leonard Greenhalgh and James Lowry chart a path for the full participation of minority businesses in the U.S. economy. Today, minorities are well on their way to becoming the majority of our workforce and a large part of our entrepreneurial endeavors; their full contribution is essential to national competitive advantage in a global economy.

The beginning of this book summarizes demographic changes in America and shows why it's in the national interest to foster the survival, prosperity, and growth of minority-owned businesses. The authors outline why these businesses are vital to the solution to our current economic woes. Next, the book turns to what minority firms must do to take their place in major value chains, and, finally, the book examines what governments, corporations, and support organizations ought to be doing to foster minority inclusion. In total, Greenhalgh and Lowry lay out a new paradigm for developing minority businesses so that they can fully contribute to our national competitive advantage and prosperity.

About the authors

Leonard Greenhalgh is Director of Programs for Minority- and Women-Owned Businesses at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth. He is the author of Managing Strategic Relationships. His work in helping minority business is reflected in the Lifetime Achievement Award conferred by the Minority Business Development Agency, U.S. Department of Commerce.

James H. Lowry is a nationally recognized workforce and supplier diversity expert and a Senior Advisor for The Boston Consulting Group. Previously a Senior Vice President at BCG and Global Diversity Director, he led the firm's workforce diversity, ethnic marketing, and minority business development consulting practice. In 2009, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Minority Supplier Development Council. He is presently a member of the Howard School of Business board and serves as Chairman for the Howard University Entrepreneurship Center.

"Thank you, Jim and Len, for this important masterwork. Your research, analysis, insights and prescriptions for minority business success in the 21st Century will not only inform and inspire, but empower America to better succeed in a more competitive global economy. Seldom does a single book say it better or more powerfully than Minority Business Success. This book is a must read for all who want to grow their small business, and those who want to grow small businesses."

—George C. Fraser, author of Success Runs In Our Race and Click

"In this important and path-breaking book, Leonard Greenhalgh and James Lowry focus especially on the need for and ways to facilitate the growth of minority-owned businesses, not only to ensure minorities' full participation in American economic success, but also to help assure that outcome. Their hard-headed analysis and recommendations deserve the full attention of citizens and policymakers at this critical juncture in the nation's history."

—Robert E. Litan, Vice President, Research and Policy, The Kauffman Foundation

"Finally, Leonard Greenhalgh and James Lowry present a timely book that explains the main challenges confronted by the minority owned businesses in today's complex world. This is an essential read for practitioners and scholars involved with minority-owned businesses."

—Isaura B. Flores, The University of Texas at Tyler

"Minority-owned businesses are essential to the fabric of a strong and sustainable economic system in our country. This book provides the inspiration for commitment, as well as a blueprint for success."

—Steve Reinemund, Wake Forest University, Retired Chairman/CEO of PepsiCo