Proposal Guidelines for Digital Projects

Prospectuses should be sent electronically or in hard copy to:

Attn: Friederike Sundaram
Senior Editor for Digital Projects
Stanford University Press
485 Broadway St.
Redwood City, CA 94063-8460

We recommend that a digital project prospectus include the following:

  • Detailed statement outlining the project’s arguments, themes, and significance to the field
  • Assessment of the work’s fit with existing literature, comparison with other digital projects and/or published books on the topic, and discussion of the intended audiences and market for the project
  • Statement of the anticipated timeline for completion of the project
  • Outline of technical structure of the project (platform, tools, etc.) and of past, current and future collaborators in terms of technical and, if applicable, scholarly development
  • Sample of the digital project (link to prototype with basic functionality)
  • Curriculum vitae