Publishing Digital Scholarship

The nascent fields of digital humanities and computational social sciences have ballooned in recent years. Emergent technologies and scholars’ increasing fluency with these technologies are providing academics with new ways to visualize, analyze, and interpret data. Yet, there are no formal channels for publication or consistent peer review standards for digital projects. Our initiative, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, allows us to advance a publishing process that helps authors develop their concept (in both content and form) and reach their market effectively to confer the same level of academic credibility on digital projects as print books receive. For more information, see our blogFAQ and proposal guidelines.  


Nicholas Bauch, Enchanting the Desert  (May 2016)

Samuel Liebhaber, When Melodies Gather  (Spring 2018)

Thomas S. Mullaney, The Chinese Deathscape  (Spring 2018)

Lincoln Mullen, America’s Public Bible  (Fall 2018)

Alisa Lebow, Filming Revolution  (Fall 2018)

Elaine Sullivan, Constructing the Sacred  (Fall 2018)

Daniel Rosenberg, Time Online  (Spring 2019)