Green Mass
The Ecological Theology of St. Hildegard of Bingen
Michael Marder



Recordings are available for listening and download at the Stanford University Press website.

The present scores are not to be taken as written guides for a new performance of the recorded movements. The process of composing electroacoustic music or music to be recorded differs from traditional instrumental composing. Instead, these scores are to be viewed as pictures of my memories of realizing my ideas for the pieces at the very moment when they were composed. As there were many different notes on several sheets of paper, I have tried to make the different characters uniform across all movements. Not everything will be understandable, since these scores were meant for my own purposes. Some things differ from the final performance, and there are some details that not even I can understand myself. A sign in one movement does not mean the same in another, although there is a connection. It is intuition that always has shown me the way, in both music and life.

Peter Schuback